Master of Engineering, Clinical Engineering

Clinical Engineering - Fully Online

Advances in healthcare technology have made the practice of medicine highly dependent on the equipment and devices they employ. As newer and more sophisticated technologies become available, hospitals are challenged to access and evaluate innovative new equipment, acquire and install them in the most cost effective manner, integrate them with existing systems, train the clinical users and insure the best possible operation as they are adopted into the patient care workflow. Additionally, the increased complexities of regulatory compliance, technical maintenance, system diagnostics, and risk management create an urgent need for educated professionals that can stand in the gap between medical practice, sophisticated technology, and operations management.

All applicants are expected to have a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and be employed in the Clinical Engineering field. The online Master of Engineering Clinical Engineering program at the University of Connecticut is a three-year online program designed to prepare clinical engineers to advance and become leaders in their field to help hospitals meet their clinical technology management and regulatory challenges. In this program, engineers will gain knowledge, skills and experience in the practice of clinical engineering, systems engineering, and operations management, including:

  • Understand complex hospital equipment and systems
  • Implementation, analysis, and acquisition of medical devices
  • Reduce risk of healthcare technology ownership
  • Implement and integrate medical devices and systems
  • Manage projects and programs
  • Manage technology related finances

Upon completion, each student will have earned a Master’s Degree in Engineering while maintaining their current employment in a clinical engineering setting, and be prepared to advance their career in clinical engineering.

To view the Master of Engineering Clinical Engineering Engineering Plan of Study CLICK HERE.

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Application Deadlines
Summer Semester: April 21st
Fall Semester: July 21st