Master of Engineering, Clinical Engineering

Clinical Engineering Plan of Study

Curriculum & Program Outline

All students apply and are admitted to the UConn Graduate School.  Students are expected to complete a 30 credit (10 courses) Master of Engineering program.  The program takes approximately 3 years to complete. These courses provide students with the necessary depth of study (beyond the undergraduate level) for a thorough understanding of modern clinical engineering techniques and technologies. 

All courses are offered via online delivery.

MENG Core Courses (12 credits)

  1. ENGR 5311 – Professional Communication & Information Management
  2. ENGR 5312 – Engineering Project Planning & Management
  3. ENGR 5314 – Advanced Engineering Mathematics
  4. ENGR 5315 – MENG Capstone Projects

Clinical Engineering Concentration courses (18 credits)

  1. BME 5020 – Clinical Engineering Fundamentals
  2. BME 5030 – Human Error & Medical Device Accidents
  3. BME 5040 – Medical Instrumentation in Hospital
  4. BME 5050 – Engineering Problems in Hospitals
  5. BME 5070 – Clinical Systems Engineering
  6. BME 6086 – Special Topics Course: Medical Device Cybersecurity


Your Plan of Study is determined by your catalog year. Please use your Advisement Report or Academic Requirements Report in StudentAdmin to determine your catalog year.

Application Deadlines

Summer Semester: April 21st

Fall Semester: July 21st

Spring Semester: December 9th