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Data Science - Online & Distance Learning

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UConn’s Master of Engineering (MENG) in Data Science (data analytics) program is a 30-credit online and distance learning graduate degree focused on data science methods specific to the field of engineering.

Today, the rapid growth of data generated by machines and humans present a host of new challenges and immense opportunity for engineers. Analysis of big data enables engineers to identify key insights facilitating pivotal informed data-driven decision making.

In addition to professional development skills, highlights of UConn's Data Science MENG program include:

  • Cutting-edge concepts of data science and big data analytics for engineers.
  • Business communication upskilling to develop, analyze and effectively present data in multiple formats.
  • Machine learning applications and methods across a wide range of engineering settings.
  • Enhanced project team functionality, including the management and leadership of interdisciplinary units. 
  • Fundamental theory and practice of data visualization.
  • Data mining algorithms and analysis.
  • Solving advanced engineering mathematical problems using linear algebra, differential equations, transformations, state variables, and probability.
  • Flexibility, bringing engineering professionals the classes they need via convenient online course delivery. 

Why choose UConn's Online MENG degree in Data Science? Besides UConn being a top accredited New England institution, UConn’s Master of Engineering in Data Science program focuses on data analytics through the lens of an engineer. Many data science programs cater to general audiences and do not necessarily offer the skills required to analyze engineering-specific data. 

To view the MENG Data Science Plan of Study CLICK HERE.

Computer Science & Engineering Department: Admission Requirements


Application Deadlines

Fall Semester:
July 15, 2023

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