Master of Engineering (MENG): General Engineering

Master of Engineering: General Engineering

The Master of Engineering “General Engineering” concentration is a multidisciplinary program of study with an online learning modality with synchronous and asynchronous coursework. This is particularly attractive to practicing engineers and professionals in related fields who seek a wider base of knowledge. The MENG in General Engineering requires students to complete 30 credits of graduate level study.  Students in this degree concentration will be required to study a set of core disciplines, as well as a range of elective courses. A graduate of the Master of Engineering General Engineering concentration may be employed in a range of specialized occupations, which may depend on their previous engineering experience and education, as well as their graduate-level concentration options. Upon graduation, students may be more competitive candidates for a wide range of engineering related careers. 

The Master of Engineering (MENG) degree emphasizes improvement of essential technical and professional development skills, while a traditional Master of Science degree emphasizes research or a comprehensive understanding of a research area. The Master of Engineering program is designed for practicing engineers who prefer to attend classes in the evenings and on a part-time basis. This affords engineers the opportunity for a graduate level education without workplace interruptions.

The program consists of 30 credit hours:

  • 9 credits of Master of Engineering Core Courses
    • ENGR 5311 - Professional Communication & Information Management – 3 credits
    • ENGR 5312 - Engineering Project Planning & Management – 3 credits
    • ENGR 5314 - Advanced Engineering Mathematics – 3 credits (or) CSE 5500 - Algorithms - 3 credits
  • 18 credits of Engineering Courses
  • 3-credit MENG Capstone Project (ENGR 5315)

This current MENG program is not eligible for UConn visa sponsorship. Please contact ISSS for more information regarding programs that allow UConn visa sponsorship.

Applicants requiring UConn visa sponsorship should contact ISSS at to see if their intended MENG program is eligible for a student visa.

Application Deadlines
Spring Semester: December 8th