Master of Engineering, General Engineering

General Engineering Plan of Study

ENGR 5311 – Professional Communication and Information Management
Development of the advanced communication skills as well as information management required of engineers and engineering managers in industry, government, and business. Focus on (1) the design and writing of technical reports, articles, proposals and memoranda that address the needs of diverse organizational and professional audiences; (2) the preparation and delivery of organizational and technical oral and multimedia presentations and briefings; (3) team building skills with an emphasis on communications; and (4) knowledge management.

ENGR 5312 – Engineering Project Planning and Management

This course provides a methodology for managing engineering projects. Topics include project lifecycle, strategic planning, budgeting, and resource scheduling. Course work also includes work estimating, evaluating risk, developing the project team, project tracking and performing variance analysis. Case studies are used as class and homework assignments to focus the class on the topics presented.

ENGR 5314 – Advanced Engineering Mathematics – ENVE 5320 – Quantitative Methods for Engineers (for ENVE), ENVE – 5330 – Probabilistic Methods in Engineering Systems (for TRUE)
This course draws the advanced math topics including Laplace, Fourier and z-Transform methods, probability theory, ordinary differential equations and systems of ODEs, partial differential equations, vector calculus, elements of statistics, linear and non-linear optimization, matrix theory, and special functions like Bessel, Legendre, and gamma. This course is set up as modules. Students will be required to complete certain modules depending on their background and concentrations.ENGR 5314 Fall 2016 Syll.pdf

ENGR 5300 - Capstone Project – Students are encouraged to work on a company-sponsored project.

Days Until Application Deadline
Summer Deadline: March 16, 2018