UConn Master of Engineering, Manufacturing

Manufacturing Plan of Study

UConn's Professional Education program offers a Master of Engineering (MENG) degree program in the following area of concentration: Manufacturing.

Manufacturing Master of Engineering students must complete:

MENG Core Courses (12 credits)

  • ENGR 5311 – Professional Communication and Information Management
  • ENGR 5312 – Engineering Project Planning and Management
  • ENGR 5314 – Advanced Engineering Mathematics
  • ENGR 5315 – MENG Capstone Project – Students are encouraged to work on a company-sponsored project

Manufacturing Core Courses (12 credits - 4 of the following 6 courses)

  • MFGE 5110 – Advanced Manufacturing Quality Control
  • MFGE 5120 – Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Products
  • MFGE 5130 – Manufacturing Automation and Industry 4.0
  • MFGE 5140 – Manufacturing System Planning
  • MFGE 5210 – Data Science for Materials and Manufacturing
  • MFGE 5220 – Composites Manufacturing

Engineering Electives (6 credits)

Other online CSE, ECE, ME, MSE or SE courses may also be substituted if mutually agreed by the student, advisor and the Professional Education program director.


Your Plan of Study is determined by your catalog year. Please use your Advisement Report or Academic Requirements Report in StudentAdmin to determine your catalog year.

Application Deadlines

Summer Semester:
April 20, 2023

Fall Semester:
July 15, 2023