Master of Engineering (MENG): Master of Business Administration MBA/MENG Dual Degree

MBA for Engineers: Receive a Master of Engineering Degree and a Master of Business Administration

As traditional business requirements evolve and new challenges are born, the need for engineers with both technical and management backgrounds grows.

For engineers who plan to move into management, a partnership between UConn’s School of Engineering and School of Business allows you to earn a dual Master of Business Administration (MBA)/Master of Engineering (MENG) degree.

By boosting both your engineering skills and your business acumen, this program is ideal for professional engineers like yourself who want to continue focussing full-time on their career while going to school part-time earning this increasingly valuable graduate degree.

The dual MBA/ Master of Engineering (MENG) program is designed with you, the working student, in mind. Courses are offered in the evening with the option of a distance learning component. Depending on the number of courses taken each semester, you can expect the program to take four to five years to complete.

To view the MBA/Master of Engineering (MENG) dual degree program. Plan of Study CLICK HERE.

Application Deadlines
Summer Semester: April 21st
Fall Semester: July 21st
Spring Semester: December 8th